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Discover this private social media programme specifically designed with YOU in mind, tech, strategy and oodles of how to videos to help you grow in confidence and build the business visibility you deserve.

👉 Do you spend hours searching Google only to find an answer that isn't specific enough to your question and you have to start the search all over again?

👉 Do you wish you had a bank of video resources designed to help you take the necessary steps towards building your online presence the way you want?

👉 Are you struggling to organise your workload so that you get the work done but still stay visible?

👉 Do you want a step by step process to grow ing your audience and learn how to be visible online?

👉 Are your ideal clients on Facebook or Instagram but you struggle to connect with them?

👉 Are you looking for an online community that will help you build your confidence, visibility and client base?

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In This Programme You Will:

Finally be in a place where you can feel comfortable to ask any question without feeling silly or embarrassed.

Learn how to build an effective sales funnel that will generate traffic to your online products by reaching a targeted audience inching to buy

Gain peace of mind as you create an online revenue stream that brings in a flow of clients and money

Learn how to sell your digital offer simply and easily with a clear message so that there is no confusion with your audience as to how you can help them

Stop losing LEADS for your business because your sales funnels are leaking?

Start attracting more real followers & subscribers to your social media channels and learn the strategies to convert followers into buyers?

Start making more money & attract new clients effortlessly?

Grow your engagement authentically with client converting strategies?

feelWith 2 live group Q&A's a week, 5 ready to work through digital marketing and live streaming courses created specifically to build your audience and create leads, you'll never spend hours again looking for a solution again.

No more tech fears…you'll have videos that take you through the tech step-by-step plus LIVE support to help you conquer the monsters that live in the tech! 

Each course is mapped out and designed with short, easy to follow actionable video tutorials, downloadable workbooks, checklists.

No more worrying about where your next sale is going to come from because once you create your sales funnels, you'll be able to grow your audience and convert them into a steady stream of leads that you will be able to sell to authentically and with ease.

You are the expert. 

It's time the world benefits from your knowledge…

No longer will you feel like the best kept secret in the world! 

With my support, all your excuses for not building your business are behind you and you'll be ready to shine in no time.

Carol Hanson Testimonial

“Anita is a fantastic trainer. She's so knowledgeable and explains the nuances of Facebook and Instagram really well. I'm a member of her Digital Lab program and I've learnt so much and been able to implement her recommendations to great effect. Highly recommended.”

Image Consultant

Carol Hanson

Christine Burgmer testimonial

“I'm a member of Anita's ‘Digital Lab and Tech School', learning how to set up a YouTube channel and to create my first videos. The course is excellently organised—with explanatory videos, weekly live sessions and weekly Q&As. Anita has just spent over two hours with me online helping me solve a particularly tricky problem. This is what I call a highly-personalised service. Just amazing! A BIG thank you, Anita.”

German to English Language Teacher

Christine Burgmer

Anneliese McKay Testimonial

“I just want to give a massive shout out for how great Anita is at making your tech simple and getting you seen in front of more people online. I first met Anita 12 months ago and she is my ‘go to' for all things technical. I am a creative and a former ‘technophobe!' I used to fear tech so much, it massively held me back in my business. Since working with Anita, my Instagram followers have increased, I am consistent on Instagram, I have lead magnets attached to my Instagram profile, she has helped me optimise my social media platforms, and her energy and belief in you is infectious.

Compelling content creator

Anneliese McKay


The first most exciting aspect of this private community is the ability to ask me anything during any of the 2 x live group calls per week for Q&A, support & accountability plus access to 4 awesome marketing courses to set you up for success. 

You'll also get access to a supportive Facebook community, Members Directory, Monthly Workshops and guest trainings.

Learn how to show up and be visible online as your true self, no more pretending or trying to be someone you're not, be visible to your audience authentically as yourself with confidence.

You'll also learn how to do all of this without the overwhelm, without the tech hiccups, and with ease and confidence that you can repeat time and time again.

Client Love 

Carole Elam


 I met Anita some ten months ago at a networking group. She is amazing at helping business owners get over their fear of technology, especially solopreneurs who were often reliant on an IT department before branching out on their own! Her explanations are structured, clear and take away any dread you may have been feeling. Anita is a great person to work with.

Carole Elam

Executive Coach

Client Love 

Gail Morgan

“Thanks, Anita, for your time, patience, and reassurance during our website coaching sessions! I am amazed how much I now know and understand about Divi and building my own website. I feel confident to create new web pages and use many of the exciting features Divi offers. And having the videos to refer back to if I get stuck has been fantastic!”

Image consultant

Gail Morgan

This Private Community is perfect for you if you are…

Are a Coach, Creator, or Spiritual leader who finds the tech relating to building your business online overwhelming

You are willing to put the work in and finally build an online visibility you can be proud off

Are excited for your future as you know you have power to create an amazing online business

Know you are always learning and growing and willing to act

If you want to direct your 5* clients to book a discovery call and actually have a conversation with them?

If you want to start to grow your email list and engage with your followers intimately inside their inbox?

If you want to finally connect those Digital Dots and finally start to grow your business?

Client Love 

Amanda Hummingbird

Working with Anita for 3 months was just what I needed to begin to learn some of the tools and skills needed for digital marketing of my business. Not having any experience at all, Anita was lovely to work with, patient and informative.

I learnt how to repurpose my videos, I learnt how to use FB in a much more productive way and boost my business page. I learnt how to create my lead magnet and collect email addresses to begin to build up my following and stay connected through email newsletters. As a complete novice when it comes to technology and marketing, I have now some basic foundational tools to help me grow my business in a way that works for me.

I really enjoyed working with Anita and would highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade their digital marketing skills.


The Shamanic Coach

Client Love 

Chinar Abdulaziz

Anita kindly talked us through how to set up an email automation and sequence using ConvertKit and gave away other tips such as how to set up an appointment system in Calendly and much more. The training course was brilliant. Thank you Anita.

Chinar Abdulaziz

Flowers Within Meditation

Anita Wong

Hi, I’m Anita Wong, a digital marketing strategist and the go-to person for all things tech. I meet you at your level of understanding with empathy and common sense AND empower you to take your business forward in ways you did not think possible!

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners both large and small to help them get comfortable with tech and get seen online. I run a lot of online training courses and I will let you into a secret – I did all the training for a large video sharing platform.

In addition to my business ‘Anita Wong’ – I’m also a mum to 4 girls, 2 dogs, 1 budgie, and a hamster.

My husband has a full-on job as a heart surgeon and loves holidays and secretly so do I!

And just for something to do in my spare time, I’m a champion BMX rider – I am currently ranked as World No. 5, British No. 7, and a proud cruiser rider for Thrill Factory Race Team

One of my youngest daughters (did I tell you I have twins?) …is also riding in the championships like her mum – she loves the thrill of the ride!

Client Love 

In the past I always found email marketing a challenge. The process never seemed very simple to me, and I really struggled working out how systems worked and what I should include in my email marketing. Working with Anita has changed all that!
Anita’s course has shown me step-by-step with amazing videos not only how to create a successful sequence of emails but how to find out what my clients need, how to create an eye-catching lead magnet and working out all the technical ‘bits’.
Anita demonstrates every step in her videos, and I find them very easy to follow, being able to implement what I am learning immediately. It is a great hands-on course.
I love the fact that Anita answers all the questions and shows us what we need to do. The Q&A sessions have been amazing. And having Anita there every step of the way really has made email marketing an enjoyable journey. I would really recommend this course!
Thank you Anita!

Claudia Dickson

German Language Teacher

Client Love 

I enrolled on the Instagram and Facebook Course and have been totally amazed by the content and professionalism.

The reason for joining the course was that I wanted to be visible on social media platforms but lacked confidence.

Anita is so easy going and approachable. She clearly explains each step so that you can follow her instructions. In addition, she reinforces what you have learnt with question and answer sessions, which are ever so helpful.

Because of her knowledge and skills, Anita has built an incredible community who have learnt so much from her. They trust what she has to say and turn up every week to learn from her. She cares about giving you information which is going to help you and your business to succeed.

I would most definitely recommend you enrolling on Anita’s courses. It will be the best investment you will ever make.

Melanie Brown
Mels Little Luxuries

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