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The Digital Lab & Tech School

I’ve created the Digital Lab And Tech School Mastermind for women like you, who want an option to learn and action a social media strategy to increase your visibility and make more of an impact.

You Are

on social media for a reason. And that is to generate leads, fill your sales funnel, and create sales in your business and the Mastermind will help you do this.

Three Pathways

The great thing about the Digital Lab and Tech School Mastermind is that it takes your through three pathways to get you from A to B at a pace to suit you and your business.

Youtube growth mentorship

YouTube Growth Mentorship

If you are fed up of either putting sporadic videos on YouTube, searching for the perfect strategy, not getting any traction from your YouTube Channel or don’t even know where to start, then you are not alone.


Personalised Strategy

Thousands of female entrepreneurs are on YouTube trying to make it, but with little success, unless they have the right strategy in place and know how to optimise their videos.

I will help you grow your channel strategically so you can:

Enrol more subscribers;
– Grow your number of viewers;
– Grow your email list;
– Grow your Facebook group; and
– Direct your 5* clients to book a discovery call.

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