Welcome to The Instagram Business Stories For Success Programme

Have you been in the online space for a while but are are still finding it hard to create plenty of your 5* clients from Facebook and Instagram?

Do you find it difficult or even impossible to create consistent income from Facebook and Instagram?

When you look at other Facebook and Instagram profiles and stories do you start doubting yourself and don’t feel good enough?

Are your business sales feast to famine? One minute they’re great, the next they’re like ‘where did all my clients go?’

Do you find creating stories hard work and have technophobia?

Do you ask yourself ‘how did they do that then?’ when you look at other business stories that seem to be generating sales on tap for other entrepreneurs?

Client Love

Anita is tops in tech and all things social media. She also keeps up on the latest as we know how fast moving social media can be! She teaches in easy to understand language and is super approachable and answers questions in a timely manner. She has made a profound change in my business visibility as I continue to grow. Thanks Anita!

Donna Stewart

Journey of self content

I really enjoyed Anita's IG/FB Stories Challenge. I wasn't new to stories but wanted to up my game and get some new ideas. I even got a sale from some of her stories ideas. Thanks again for a great challenge!!

Amber Cross

Amber Cross Coaching

Anita is a digital whizz! I am really enjoying the Instagram and Facebook stories challenge and was delighted that the first story I posted at the start of the challenge, brought me a new client!! Thank you so much, Anita!

Gail Hugman

Lesson Alive

Hi my name is Anita Wong, I am a visibility strategist and I am here to show you in this programme how to build your audience, grow your list, and make sales through Facebook and Instagram.

I’m sure you are frustrated with the lack of consistency of sales through your social media platforms. So why then does it look as if there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that do create leads and clients consistently?

And when you look at their profiles, you may start doubting yourself, don’t feel good enough, start comparing, and maybe everything just feels like hard work when it shouldn’t be.

Leads and sales are entirely possible through social media, it’s just that you need the right strategy and I’m the person to show you how to do it in this 8 week programme.

If however you are creating leads and 5* clients from social media then the programme I’m about to tell you about definitely isn’t for you.

If you can honestly say, ‘Do you know what Anita, I’m good and don’t need any help with social media because I have enough clients to live the way I want.’ Then this programme isn’t for you.

Did you know that if it’s possible for others to create consistent sales from their 5* clients then it’s possible for you too?

In this fabulous programme I show you how to do exactly that! I empower you to get consistent with your Facebook and Instagram stories, and I help you hide your head gremlins that tell you it’s hard and it’s meant to be difficult.

With the right strategy and every single ‘know how to,’ you will find it increasingly easier to create those 5* clients through your platforms.

All it takes is your determination, positivity, and willingness to learn, and a visibility expert like myself to hold your hand and show you how to do it. And that’s what I’m here for.

Just imagine going from feeling frustrated that you are still not where you think you should be in your business, to being confident and knowing that your business success is inevitable and you can win!

Never again will you feel like you are left behind when it comes to tech, but feel empowered and positive that you know how to create the stories that bring your leads and 5* clients to you.

This programme is the exact method and strategy for you to have the business success you want and deserve!

In the Facebook and Instagram Stories for Business Programme we will cover how to:

Set up both your Facebook and Instagram profiles correctly so you can generate leads from your profiles alone – did you know most people miss this which is why they are struggling to create sales and grow their list?

Create Facebook and Instagram stories with ease so you can do it in minutes and get on with your day comfortably knowing you are being seen by the right clients.

Use IGTV confidently so you know exactly what to talk about, what size video you should use, and how to create those catchy headlines and subtitles that you see on other people’s IGTV.

Create your stories and split them into 15 second segments so each section is clear and concise to leave your audience wanting more.

Use the right hassle free apps on your phone for creating your stories to save you bags of time. Some of them can feel a bit fiddly don’t you think? I will show you which ones to use so you are not all fingers and thumbs!

And also cover how to…

Use the right desktop apps for creating your stories. Yep they are different to mobile so require a different bit of training. This means you can create whilst at home, in a coffee shop, or on the go.

Create the perfect lead generating strategy for you. Chances are you have heard of a lead generating strategy but don’t really know what it means or what the purpose is.  That’s okay we have all been there. I explain it in the most simplest way so you can create one that’s right for you and your business.

Go through the practical steps of creating leads through stories and how to make it really easy for the members of your audience to become a lead. As humans we are busy and don’t like it complicated. So the easier it is for your audience to become a lead, the more and more they will do it.

Create leads from IGTV. Did you know that most people buy into you as a person, so the more they see you on video, the more they want you and in this part I show you how to move your IGTV viewers to leads.

Create leads from Facebook stories. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could create leads from your Facebook stories within minutes? In this section of the programme I show you how.

Facebook and Instagram Stories for Business

I’m really excited that you have decided to change the outcome of your sales through Facebook and Instagram and for me to help you and empower you on that journey.

I love seeing people win at the game of business so you can have the lifestyle you want for you and your family.

The doors to the Facebook and Instagram Stories for Business Programme are now closed until Jan 2021

When you join the Facebook and Instagram for Stories course, you will get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to the first modules.
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Facebook support group.
  • Weekly group calls for me to show you HOW TO CREATE STORIES EFFORTLESSLY so you can start generating leads and your 5* clients.
  • Access to a fabulous community.
  • Access to everything for life!
  • INSTANT ACCESS to the first modules means that you can start straight away to make sure your profiles are set up properly so you make sales.
  •  IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Facebook support group is where I will be on hand to help with any questions you have, and to give you empowerment and belief that helps you feel fantastic.
  • The weekly group calls allow me to show you how to create stories effortlessly so you can start generating leads and your 5* clients.
  • Being part of a fabulous community full of people in the same boat as you will help you cheer each other on (this is not to be underestimated!)
  • Access to everything for life is just that! Everything. Including the support and accountability group, the recordings, the modules, and the BONUS content templates.
  • 90 DAYS WORTH OF CONTENT TEMPLATES which you can use easily for your social media feed content AND stories, and you get examples too!

    This means that you will finish the programme:

  • With your Facebook and Instagram profiles set up to create leads, linked together so they work for you not against you, and to make it easy for your 5* clients to find you and buy what you offer.
  • Knowing how to create Instagram and Facebook stories quickly and confidently whether from your desktop or mobile.
  • Confidently able to create videos for your IGTV that look compelling and catchy and generate leads for you.
  • With a lead generating strategy in place that is creating you leads.
  • With a new consistency habit in place – consistency of content gets you results!
  • How to make it easy for your audience to become leads.
  • Having created 90 days worth of content and stories that you can use over and over again.
  • Feeling more confident with the tech side of Facebook and Instagram.

Anita Wong

My name is Anita Wong and I have been a digital visibility strategist for nearly ten years. I was a finalist in the Digital Women Awards 2020 finalist, a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, I wrote the entire training modules for Wave video, have 2,000 subscribers to my YouTube account, and designed and built websites for top retailers such as Nickelodeon Jr.

So you could say I know a thing or two about digital visibility and what it takes to be really successful in the online world.

I’m also number 5 in the BMX World Championships, a mum of four girls, I used to be an intensive care nurse and I have a real passion for empowering women worldwide to be visible and successful through simple social media strategies.


  • Have been online for a while but you are finding it increasingly difficult to get consistent clients.
  • Have no idea how to create Facebook and Instagram stories to generate leads or 5* clients, or create sales from physical products.
  • Don’t have a clue what stories to create and what content to include so it attracts the right clients.
  • Haven’t even got the fundamental basics set up on your Facebook and Instagram profiles which should be creating your leads and 5* clients.
  • Don’t know how to stay consistent with your stories content and are always running out of ideas so you end up feeling drained and not getting anywhere.
  • Don’t re-purpose your own content so it saves you at least three hours a day.
  • Have no structure or organisation to your stories content so you end up creating content ad-hoc with no purpose.
  • Don’t know what to post so you just end up scrolling your feed and sharing other people’s posts with no strategy behind it.
  • Don’t know how to make your stories look catchy so they leave your audience wanting more.
  • It’s also perfect for you if you are fed up of being in feast and famine with sales, know you are BRILLIANT at what you do, and just want more business through a simple social media strategy.
  • And if you are a positive person, willing to do the work, follow what I say, and cheer others on, then it’s time for you to join.


  • Prepare your Facebook Business Page for Stories Success
  • Facebook business page
  • Facebook settings
  • Facebook privacy
  • The difference between profile and business page
  • Facebook Creator Studio


  • Prepare your Instagram business profile set up for success,
  • Instagram privacy settings set up
  • Instagram contact details set up
  • Instagram Creator Studio
  • Instagram Direct messenger explained


  • Instagram stories explained
  • Instagram stories features, polls, questions, quizzes, videos, emojis,
  • Instagram Live, bringing people onto your live, downloading your Live for repurposing
  • How to share your feed posts to your stories,
  • How to share your stories posts to a wider audience through messenger,
  • Instagram stories highlights,
  • how to set up Instagram stories highlights, graphics for Instagram highlights


  • Facebook stories explained
  • The difference between profile stories and business stories,
  • How to set up Facebook business stories,
  • Website links,
  • Stories features such as polls questions gifts emojis text images video
  • Tagging Facebook business stories, sharing Facebook business stories


  • Why integrate IGTV with your stories strategy,
  • Using IGTV from your Live stories, sharing IGTV videos to your Instagram stories,
  • Links from IGTV to other platforms,
  • IGTV video series
  • How to go Live on Instagram
  • How to save your Live Videos to IGTV
  • Live Video Kit


Learn how to incorporate Instagrams version of TikTok to your Business Stories Strategy

  • How to use Reels
  • How to create reels video
  • Adding stickers and features to your reels
  • Sharing reels to your Stories
  • Apps that create stories for both Facebook and Instagram,
  • Apps to create video for IGTV,
  • Apps to create video for Instagram feed,
  • Apps to create content for stories,


  • What are Hashtags and why are they essential
  • How to search Hashtags
  • Finding your Hashtags
  • Flick Hashtags Software


Things you can do with stories

  • How to grow your email list,
  • how to grow your Facebook group,
  • how to grow your YouTube channel,
  • how to grow your call signups, how to sell your events,
  • the list goes on and on how to sell products on stories,

Stories Strategy

  • Why use stories for your business
  • Promoting events on stories
  • Selling products on stories
  • Collecting leads with stories
  • Giving directions through stories
  • Getting phone calls through stories
  • Video funnels with stories
  • Selling your programmes through stories
  • Filling your groups with stories 


An AMAZING 90 days of energetic content for Instagram and Facebook. Created for you to use in both your Stories posts and your feed posts to attract and fill your sales funnel.


Just copy the day, add your own pain points and solutions and off you go!

Worth £3000


When you’re learning anything new, it's always reassuring that you have the ability to ask questions and talk through those bits you might get stuck on.

It is also a great opportunity to discuss strategies and individual needs as you move through the course.


Accountability is key to your success with Instagram and Facebook so weeks 9-12 are all around accountability and showing up.

When you’re creating any type of social media strategy, you need to be consistent and visible throughout your campaigns

Knowing what to write and showing up every day with the support and inspiration of your fellow trainees will help you keep consistent and visible and help you get the results you deserve.


We do not offer any refunds on this course because we have applied a generous discount and as soon as the doors to this course open you will have access to all our material.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you should not buy this programme unless you are serious about making a change to your business and putting in the work required to make it happen.

Facebook and Instagram Stories for Business

The doors to the Facebook and Instagram Stories for Business Programme are now closed until Jan 2021

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