Instagram & Facebook Stories Training

An incredible 400 Million people are using Instagram stories and 300 million are using Facebook stories on a daily basis.

That is an AMAZING amount of people all uploading images, video, and lives…


Now it's your turn!


Learn how to use Stories in Instagram & Facebook


In this Instagram and Facebook Stories for Business course, we talk about how to build an authentic and natural Stories sequence for your brand.

Learn how to use the Instagram and Facebook Apps to create your stories and then start creating stories with a purpose to offer VALUE to your followers as well as ENGAGING with them through messenger and Direct Messages.

Finally understand how to create Stories with Purpose

Each time you upload a new story, you have the opportunity to touch your ideal audience with more information about your business, products, services or brand.

Remember to offer VALUE, touch on your followers' EMOTIONS and make them FUN and INTERACTIVE.

What's Included – 8 Videos, Stories Content and downloadable Stories Planner, All at the amazing price of only £9.99 (first 100 buyers only at this price)

Video 1 – What are Stories

Video 2 – Facebook & Instagram Stories compared

Video 3A – How to use the Facebook App to create your stories

Video 3A+ – How to use the Facebook Desktop to create your stories

Video 3B – How to use the Instagram App to create your stories

Video 4 – Why Create Stories with Purpose?

Video 5 – Planning your stories content

Video 6 – Stories and Messenger and Stories Insights

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