Starts Monday 14th September for 5 days PLUS FREE MASTERCLASS


It’s time to go from STUCK to SAVVY and unlock more business with the power of Instagram or Facebook Stories!

  • Have you ever asked yourself how you upload a video to your Facebook Stories to reach more of your five star clients?
  • Have you used Facebook business page stories but don't understand the features?
  • Have you ever looked at someone else's Instagram stories and said to yourself ‘So how do i do that then?'
  • Do you want 5 days of Stories and feed content to use?

Then you need the 5 day Stories for Business Accountability Challenge PLUS FREE MASTERCLASS

instagram and facebook stories for busniess
  • 5 Days to increase your confidence creating Stories for Business
  • 5 Days to learn how you can to get LEADS from posting to your stories with your business head on!
  • 5 Days of accountability so you show up and are seen
  • 5 Days learning why it is important to plan your Instagram and Facebook Stories
  • 5 Days to your SUCCESS!

Hi, my name is Anita Wong, I am a visibility strategist and I am here to show you in this challenge how to build your audience, grow your list, and make sales through Facebook and Instagram.

I’m sure you are frustrated with the lack of consistency of sales through your social media platforms. So why then does it look as if there are plenty of entrepreneurs out there that do create leads and clients consistently?

Join the challenge NOW and I'll show you how

anita b

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Create your first Instagram Story

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Digital overwhelm is REAL, don't let it stop you in your tracks

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Congratulations, you've just taken a step towards growing your business confidently online.

All the Digital Tools you'll need to build a successful overwhelm free business online

Congratulations, you've just taken a step towards growing your business confidently online.

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