How do I get my business seen online?

Where do I start?

What platform should I be on?

How do you…

If you keep asking yourself these questions, you need

The Digital Lab!


Having a clear GOAL for your Digital Marketing Strategy is key to your business success but sticking to that goal can be difficult if you are unsure of the steps to take to achieve it… 


The Digital Lab equips you with the how to and knowledge you need to be successful using Facebook and Instagram as part of your Digital Marketing strategy.

    For the next generation of big businesses who are ready to start WINNING BIG

    All the techniques to take your social media from ORDINARY to FABULOUS

    You will feel super confident about using Facebook, Instagram & email marketing to support the growth of your business and reach towards your GOALS

    You will understand HOW and WHY it is important to interact on these platforms in ways that really work for you to connect with your ideal audience.

    Accelerate your Learning and start LEADING

    Digitally You

    You will be able to easily turn connections into paying customers using modern communication tools such as Messenger &  WhatsApp to arrange those all important one to ones

    Have fully optimised social media pages that make you and your business stand out, create a movement to influence your following.

    Be ready to shine like a star (or maybe a Kardashian!) in what are key online environments

    You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

    Most businesses struggle to properly integrate, optimise and monetise Facebook and Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategies. If that sounds like you, I’d love to help. I’ve created a powerful new membership programme designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs massively grow their understanding, reach and end results on Facebook and Instagram.

    The Doors are OPEN

    The DIGITAL LAB gives you the confidence to aim high and will help you to learn the fundamentals, key aspects and strategy to using Facebook, Instagram, social video creation & email marketing as business tools as part of your Digital Strategy.

    You’ll learn how to PLAN your digital strategy with your end GOAL in mind though engaging training videos, Live Q&As, Downloadable worksheets, step by step pathways and support from other members and myself, your trainer Anita Wong.

      Anita Wong

      Why me?

      I have been successfully teaching high earning entrepreneurs and businesses on how to use Social Media effectively to reach their marketing goals and improve their ROI.

      My clients include those who understand how important it is to use digital marketing tools at hand or those who want me to teach their team or clients how to use their software.

      What I Love?

      Watching my clients feel empowered, confident, truly energised and excited to use the tools they have learned about during my training sessions.


      Following my training workshops, participants grow their following, are more confident to cope with the everchanging Digital Marketing landscape and attract the right type of clients that they can go on and work with. 

      Empowering People


      Inspiration technology


      Ideas for visibility


      Be Seen Everywhere


      Expanding Possibilities

      Facebook Business Page

      Learn how to really use your Facebook Page to promote and nurture.


      Finally, get to grips with the Apps you need to gain visibility

      Social media

      Become the Diva you know you want to be!


      Stay on brand and fully understand how you can use Facebook and Instagram successfully

      Capture Leads

      Yes, you can successfully capture and convert leads using Facebook and Instagram


      Feel fully supported by Anita and the other group members.

      The Doors are OPEN

      My Approach

      I take a hands on approach to teaching you how to understand the social media platforms and how to use them correctly. I offer a calm learning environment which can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

      The Course Process

      The Digital Lab training modules are accessible through my Thinkific platform and conversation takes place inside a closed Facebook group with Bi-weekly LIVE Training calls and Q&A’s via Zoom.

      The Digital Labs Unique Framework

      This course is built with you in mind and your goals and needs. Each module is client focused and designed to help you get the most from your membership.

      What members are saying about the our membership

      Throughout 2019 I have been working with Anita on her year long program coaching entrepreneurs on leveraging Facebook and Instagram. The pace of the program has been fantastic, working on different topics over 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the subject. Anita's passion for social media is simply addictive! With her help I've certainly upped my game and learnt so much that's really benefited my business. Anita is very knowledgable and keeps herself right up to date with any changes to the platforms and shows how to use various apps and programs to improve the quality of your content. I'd thoroughly recommend working with Anita and am looking forward to what she has to teach us in 2020!

      Want Her Outfit

      Anita Wong has once again held a fantastic training course- this time on creating a lead magnet and how to get it out there to be seen. Before Anita's course I found the entire idea really daunting and have been pushing the task of creating a lead magnet and then getting all the emails, links and opt-ins right and joint up as far away as possible. BUT NOW - I am so relieved to say that Anita took us step-by-step in a visual training course through all that has to do with getting your lead magnet seen. Having everything explained in bite-size parts and being able to ask questions again and again was truly helpful.

      CD Lingua

      Anita is so generous with her knowledge and understanding of 'how to' get things done on social media. So often, we're advised 'what' to do and then left in the lurch. With Anita, she makes sure you know what to do and how to do it. She helped me use Wave video on my Facebook page. I went from two hours ot twenty minutes to make a short video. With Anita, the results include greater confidence, skills and visibility for your business. Make sure you join her next course or workshop!

      Big Idea Brand Marketing

      To say I was a technophobe is an under statement! I have been freelance since 1993 so very much learnt technology on a 'need to know' basis. I first met Anita at a networking event and she talked about Social Media with such passion that I joined her Social Media Mastermind group. Throughout the programme Anita shared her extensive knowledge and experience in common sense language and in a way which made it easy for me to create a Facebook Business page and start to use Instagram and Linkedin with more confidence and motivation. Anita is now my go-to person for all things tecky because she meets me at my level with empathy and common sense and empowers me to make steps forward in ways I did not think possible. Thank you Anita!

      Inspiring Growth 

      The Doors are OPEN

      Create your first Facebook Story

      confidence building

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