The Digital Lab and Tech School Mastermind

I help you keep it simple so you can make the biggest impact on your clients, make money from your business because you have a lifestyle to achieve, and attract your 5* clients.

3 Month Intimate Group Mastermind


I opened up the Digital Lab And Tech School for women like you, who want a unique intimate option to learn and action social media strategies to increase visibility and make more of an impact.

We are on social media for a reason. And that is to generate leads, fill your sales funnel, and create sales in your business.

The great thing about the Digital Lab and Tech School is that it has three pathways to get you

from A to B depending where you are at in your business.

Attract Your 5⭐️ Clients

The masterminds primary objective therefore is to increase your visibility, because when you increase your visibility in front of the right audience you attract your 5* clients. 

It will take you from the basics of optimising your Facebook business page to creating a lead magnet and growing your list, with on hand support when you have niggly tech questions so you can move forward quickly.

I’m also a brand ambassador for which is the best social video creator on the market.

It offers video lead generation pathways that you will be taught inside the Digital Lab and Tech School.

This is a great option for you if you don’t want to work with me on a one to one basis but love the collaboration and support of an intimate group of like minded entrepreneurs.

Month 1 - The Confidence Pathway

This will help you build your confidence on your platform of choice, for example, Facebook or Instagram.

You will learn all the tools you require on your chosen platform to increase your visibility and organic reach.

Alongside this, I will show you how to create a basic lead magnet and start building your list (I will be on hand to show you the tech.)

Month 2 - The Growth Pathway

For example, if you have been in business online for a while but you feel you are not visible you will enter the intermediate pathway to optimise your platforms, create multiple lead magnets, and start building your list. You will learn about creating social video and the importance of creating visibility and consistency.

month 3 - The Leverage Pathway

All of the Confidence and Growth Pathway PLUS

The Leverage pathway will then show you how to repurpose your content, and target different audiences, without spending your whole day doing it, or worrying whether you are getting it right!

Who Is The Digital Lab and Tech School Mastermind for?

You don’t know what your funnel should look like to grow your list that’s right for you;

You want someone on hand to answer your ‘How do I do that’ questions in a safe environment;

You have no idea how to optimise your Facebook Page (if you are not growing in likes and engagement your page is not optimised);

You create impactful content but it isn’t reaching enough people or generating sales;

You don’t want to spend the whole day repurposing content;

You think you need a social media manager (you don’t really you just need me to help you inside the school);

You are fed up of seeing your ’competitors’ online every time you open your platforms and you find yourself comparing; and

You have no idea what kind of lead magnet to create but you know you need one.

The Digital Lab and Tech School

I help you keep it simple so you can make the biggest impact on your clients, make money from your business because you have a lifestyle to achieve, and attract your 5* clients.

3 month group Mastermind


Your Social Media Strategy And Tech In One Place

It’s a 3 monthly group Mastermind that has women like you asking similar questions because you are not alone in not knowing where to start with your social media strategy.

And yet when it’s done right it is extremely powerful.  But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult.  Far from it, you just need one environment where you can get ALL your social media strategy and tech questions answered to give you the results you want from your social media.

You will learn everything from the basics of optimising the most popular platforms such as Facebook and instagram to getting visible on Pinterest (the second largest search engine after YouTube,) in a simple way to increase your visibility and engagement.

It’s amazing how many people don’t learn the basics of social media for business, then dive straight in, and then wonder why they don’t have any engagement from their 5* clients.

Social media is totally different for business compared to social posting, and inside the school you get to learn how to use it properly for business so you get the results you are looking for.

Remove Your Social Media and Tech Overwhelm!

If you are looking for an intimate programme where your social media strategy is made simple enough for you to implement without the fear and overwhelm,

Book a discovery call here to discuss your suitability for the next launch of the Digital Lab & Tech School Mastermind in January 2021:


Anita Wong

Hi, I’m Anita Wong, a digital marketing strategist and the go-to person for all things tech. I meet you at your level of understanding with empathy and common sense AND empower you to take your business forward in ways you did not think possible!

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners both large and small to help them get comfortable with tech and get seen online. I run a lot of online training courses and I will let you into a secret – I did all the training for a large video sharing platform.

In addition to my business ‘Anita Wong’ – I’m also a mum to 4 girls, 3 dogs, 2 budgies and a hamster.

My husband has a full-on job as a heart surgeon and loves holidays and secretly so do I!

And just for something to do in my spare time, I’m a champion BMX rider – I am currently ranked as World No. 5, British No. 4 and the only female cruiser rider for Twisted Concepts Factory BMX Team. 

One of my youngest daughters (did I tell you I have twins?) …is also riding in the championships like her mum – she loves the thrill of the ride!

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