YouTube Coaching

YouTube For Beginners

If you are looking for an easy to follow beginners guide to getting started with youTube, then you're in the right place.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will learn why YouTube is the most powerful tool on the internet and why it is so important for business owners like you, who want to start up a channel and begin their YouTube journeys.

Please feel free to register your interest in the course below and I will reach out to you for a chat to see where you are right now with your visibility.


Learn how to create & set up your YouTube channel for SUCCESS

Learn how to have a voice, share and build a community using video

Create your first videos, download them, store them ready to use and how to upload them to your new channel

Create and brand your channel to match your business message, colours and any extra features you want to share

Understand clearly the process of creating a YouTube channel in a simple effective way so you can start to build that digital empire you’ve always wanted

Learn how to share your videos to other social media channels and attract a new audience to your videos and channel

Use all the FREE tools available so you can create your videos without having to invest in expensive apps and software

Feel confident in using YouTube and be able to successfully record, upload and optimise your Youtube videos for success.

YouTube Coaching

YouTube For Beginners

Please feel free to register your interest in the course below and I will reach out to you for a chat to see where you are right now with your visibility.

Why Me!

I am passionate `about helping business owners like you become more confident using the tools at their fingertips that you sometimes find so hard.

I have a nak for picking things up and explaining them in an easy to understand way through video and conversation. 

I have worked on growing my own youTube channel and know the pitfalls and advantages that have helped me on my youTube journey and think this course would be the perfect way for me to share them with you. 

I have four teenage daughters and I am married so I know how difficult juggling your business and family can be, and I know how frustrating not understanding the tech can be and the effects it can have on your confidence, motivation and your business!

In my spare time, I race BMX bikes and love love love it so much. I have three little dogs and some say I'm a little mad but I suppose that's what makes the world go round.

If you have any questions, please feel free to hit the chat box on the site and reach out to me in messenger. 


Anita x

1. Open a YouTube account or if you have one already, how to name it and begin to optimise it.

2. Update the channel settings so that your visitors to YouTube will be able to learn more about you and connect with you easily.

3. Optimise your channel settings for SEO, ensuring your YouTube channel will be found easily when people are looking for your content.

4. Update the default settings inside of YouTube which will help you save time when uploading videos to your channel.

5. Create your YouTube banner so that it is branded and looks great on all devices.

6. Basic Video set up so that you can successfully record a video for your YouTube channel.

7. Learning how to use the Zoom video conferencing software and how to save your video recording to your computer.

8. Successfully upload a video to your YouTube channel yourself and with confidence.

9. Give your new video a keyword rich title and description so that it can be found in YouTube searches and Google searches.

10. You'll be able to attend 8 Live calls spread out throughout the course to answer questions and support you as you learn how to use YouTube.

11. You'll have access to the course content for 6 months to go over the modules as and when you need. a refresher.

12. Supportive Facebook group for sharing ideas and for asking questions and practising your video creation.

YouTube is a powerful platform to attract your 5* clients, yet many people don't understand how to use it properly to their full advantage.

It is the number one search engine where people go to search for solutions to their problems.

This is why as an entrepreneur it’s imperative you are present on this channel to attract the audience you want and I'm here to show you how.

When I mentor you on the beginner's course, I will help you:

  • Become CONFIDENT using YouTube
  • Understand the steps clearly to independently prepare and upload a video to your own YouTube channel.
  • Be able to navigate around YouTube and amend and update your settings without help.
  • Be able to adapt your channel as your business adapts.
  • You'll learn how to use the basics inside Canva which will help you create your banner and video covers as needed.
  • Be able to record your own video and transfer that video from your computer to YouTube easily and without delay.
  • Basic equipment requirements such a lights, mic and camera
Youtube for beginners
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