The Digital Lab

Take your Digital Marketing from Ordinary to Fabulous

Having a clear GOAL for your Digital Marketing Strategy is key to your business success but sticking to that goal can be difficult if you are unsure of the steps to take to achieve it… 

The DIGITAL LAB gives you the confidence to aim high and will help you to learn the fundamentals, key aspects and strategy to using Facebook, Instagram, social video creation & email marketing as business tools as part of your Digital Strategy.

You’ll learn how to PLAN your digital strategy with your end GOAL in mind though engaging training videos, Live Q&As, Downloadable worksheets, step by step pathways and support from other members and myself, your trainer Anita Wong. 

    Throughout the course you will begin to:

    • All the techniques to take your social media from ORDINARY to FABULOUS
    • You will Feel super confident about using Facebook, Instagram & email marketing to support the growth of your business and reach towards your GOALS
    • You will Understand HOW and WHY it is important to interact on these platforms in ways that really work for you to connect with your ideal audience.
    • You will be able to easily turn connections into paying customers using modern communication tools such as Messenger &  WhatsApp to arrange those all important one to ones
    • Have fully optimised social media pages that make you and your business stand out, create a movement to influence your following.
    • Be ready to shine like a star (or maybe a Kardashian!) in what are key online environments

    Why me?

    I have been successfully teaching high earning entrepreneurs and businesses on how to use Social Media effectively to reach their marketing goals and improve their ROI.

    My clients include those who understand how important it is to use digital marketing tools at hand or those who want me to teach their team or clients how to use their software.

    What I Love?

    Watching my clients feel empowered, confident, truly energised and excited to use the tools they have learned about during my training sessions.


    Following my training workshops, participants grow their following, are more confident to cope with the everchanging Digital Marketing landscape and attract the right type of clients that they can go on and work with. 

    My Approach

    I take a hands on approach to teaching you how to understand the social media platforms and how to use them correctly. I offer a calm learning environment which can be adjusted to meet your individual needs.

    The Course Process

    The Digital Lab training modules are accessible through my Thinkific platform and conversation takes place inside a closed Facebook group with weekly LIVE Training calls and Q&A’s via Zoom.

    Unique Framework

    The course is modular and lasts over a 12 month period with training modules occurring every 2-3 months. 


    Client Love… 

    I have been using Facebook for sometime and thought that I knew quite a bit but in Anita’s course there were a lot of extra tips and tutorials which I didn’t know about and they certainly made a difference to my website, understanding and the way I use Facebook for my business. It was great that Anita was at hand to answer questions when I was stuck with things and I am really looking forward to the next step.

    Thank you.

    Claudia Dickson

    You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

    Most businesses struggle to properly integrate, optimise and monetise Facebook and Instagram as part of their social media marketing strategies. And Facebook advertising seems like a black art If that sounds like you – I’d love to help. I’ve created a powerful new training programme designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs massively grow their understanding, reach and end results on Facebook. 

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