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Natural Movement Coaching & Inspiration – move more, move in more ways and move well to keep doing the things you love. Embracing a movement-rich life will help you stay mobile, strong and capable as you age.

I decided to use YouTube to give people more than I could on social media and to be a holding place for the podcast I am now planning to . On researching how best to do so, I quickly realised I wouldn’t have the time to learn how to get my videos seen (being self-employed). I started simply repurposing my social media reels in December 2022 and realised this was a great way to bring attention to my page, but that I needed to add more quality videos to give subscribers good quality content.

Anita helped me tidy up my page, structure my videos, suggested relevant titles, thumbnails and optimised the videos to work with YouTube and Google search criteria.
Since working closely with Anita this year, I have grown my YouTube page from 480 to 6200 subscribers. I would highly recommend her knowledge and expertise with all things YouTube and now see it as an essential part of my marketing toolkit.

Laura Dowling Fabulous Pharmacist

Client Reviews

Anita is wonderful to work with. She is thorough, engaged and full of ideas. She has been helping us optimise and grow our YouTube channel over the last 3 months and in this time she has helped our channel grow from a few hundred subscribers to over 3400 subscribers, has moved our channel into the YouTube partner programme and has gained over 190K views across our channel. Anita focused on optimising our weekly YouTube podcast by concentrating on thumbnail creation, SEO, keyword research and title and description creation. She thoroughly researched each podcast to give it the best possible visibility. She changed our thumbnails from boring to clickable. Anita also helped us move our Instagram Reels over to YouTube as YouTube shorts and this in turn amplified the Fabulous pharmacist brand as well. She’s a 50+ BMX racer too which is not part of the job spec but totally impressive!

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