I simplify social media strategies for women worldwide who want

  • Visibility in their business
  • To make an impact on their audience
  • To attract 5 ⭐️ clients

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Hi, my name is Anita and I am here to get you from A to B in your business in the most simplest way possible.

Whether it’s:

  • Optimising your YourTube channel in a way that feels good to you so you don’t get frustrated, fed up, or give up;
  • Mentoring you on getting the best out of Facebook and Instagram Stories that can make ALL the difference to your visibility
  • Designing and building your website so it’s fully optimised to reflect you and reach your 5* clients;
  • Creating a bespoke yet simple social media strategy that you follow yourself; or
  • Gaining more visibility and impact with social media tips and tricks that are easy for you to implement.

You are in the right place!

30 instagram and facebook stories prompts

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Social Media Audit

Do you really know how well your Facebook or Instagram Visibility really is? Or whether your YouTube efforts are worth your time.

This social media audit will look at your overall visibility and supply you with a 10 point actionable checklist for each of your two favourite platforms. For only £97 each profile, you’ll also get a 30 minute strategy call with me.

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Client Love

Anita is so generous with her knowledge and understanding of ‘how to’ get things done on social media. So often, we’re advised ‘what’ to do and then left in the lurch. With Anita, she makes sure you know what to do and how to do it. She helped me use Wave video on my Facebook page.

Lynne Stainthorpe

Big Idea Brand Marketing

Anita is incredibly passionate about tech and especially helping women get to grips with the tech at their fingertips. Not only does she know everything about stories including the workarounds but also guided us on the strategy and positioning for our campaigns

Carole Bozkurt

The Blueprint Practice

To say I was a technophobe is an under statement! I have been freelance since 1993 so very much learnt technology on a ‘need to know’ basis. Anita is now my go-to person for all things tecky because she meets me at my level with empathy and common sense and empowers me to make steps forward in ways I did not think possible.

Jan Gauld

Inspiring Growth

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