Your businesses DIGITAL DOTS are the foundations of where your sales come from, they’re the magical energised workflows that you create through your messaging, your voice, your presence online, they are the glue that sticks your visibility together!

Let's ditch the overwhelm & start growing your business together!

Are you a business owner who;

  • Wants to stop losing LEADS for your business because your sales funnels are leaking?
  • Wants to start attracting more real followers & subscribers to your social media channels and learn the strategies to convert followers into buyers?
  • Wants to start making more money & attract new clients effortlessly?
  • Wants to grow your engagement authentically with client converting strategies?
  • Wants to direct your 5* clients to book a discovery call and actually have a conversation with them?
  • Want to start to grow your email list and engage with your followers intimately inside their inbox?
  • Want to finally connect those Digital Dots and finally start to grow your business?

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Discover YouTube For Beginners, Online Course building, Web Design and more to enable you to grow your business online confidently

The Digital Lab & Tech School

Three different membership levels to help you reduce your digital overwhelm and start to grow your visibility online.

Anita Wong

Platinum VIP Services

Work with Anita 1:1 over 3 months to create a business strategy that converts. Work your business from the foundations up!

Anneliese McKay Testimonial

Anneliese McKay - Compelling Content Creator

“I just want to give a massive shout out for how great Anita is at making your tech simple and getting you seen in front of more people online. I first met Anita 12 months ago and she is my ‘go to' for all things technical. I am a creative and a former ‘technophobe!' I used to fear tech so much, it massively held me back in my business. Since working with Anita, my Instagram followers have increased, I am consistent on Instagram, I have lead magnets attached to my Instagram profile, she has helped me optimise my social media platforms, and her energy and belief in you is infectious. If you are a technophobe like I was, you want to hit the ground running with your business, and you also want your visibility and tech to be simple, then reach out to Anita, I highly recommend her.”

Carol Hanson Testimonial

Carol Hanson - Image Consultant

“Anita is a fantastic trainer. She's so knowledgeable and explains the nuances of Facebook and Instagram really well. I'm a member of her Digital Lab program and I've learned so much and been able to implement her recommendations to great effect. Highly recommended.”

Christine Burgmer testimonial

Christine Burgmer - German English Teacher

“I'm a member of Anita's ‘Digital Lab and Tech School', learning how to set up a YouTube channel and to create my first videos. The course is excellently organised—with explanatory videos, weekly live sessions and weekly Q&As. Anita has just spent over two hours with me online helping me solve a particularly tricky problem. This is what I call a highly-personalised service. Just amazing! A BIG thank you, Anita.”

All the Digital Tools you'll need to build a successful overwhelm free business online

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