Hi, I'm Anita Wong.

I am a digital visibility strategist & tech queen who will save you from wasting any more time or money trying to work out how to use these social media channels yourself. I'll show you the best ways of using Instagram and Facebook for your business so that you can share your message authentically with ease.

You're probably here because one of my clients told me about their frustrations with not knowing how to grow on YouTube or live streaming video? Or maybe they've been spending hours every day posting content but don't know what to post next? You need someone like me!

I love BMX racing and being healthy – living life like there are no limits because we all have our own unique story that needs telling!

The women I work with are often FRUSTRATED & LACK CONFIDENCE, have no strategy, post randomly and become easily overwhelmed by the ever changing digital landscape and often feel challenged to share their message authentically online in realtime due to not understanding how to use their chosen platform effectively.


As the UK's leading live streaming video expert, Instagram and Facebook Strategist, I’ll save you from wasting any more time or money trying to work out how to use these digital formats and start using the tech yourself. We work together to empower you to effectively use the tech and the tools at your fingertips to gain the visibility you require, mapping out proven strategies that will grow your audience and get you more clients.

I’ll create a simple yet effective strategy where every system is covered so that you can create an effective sales funnel, filtering your prospects through a nurturing system that works for you.

• Live Streaming
• Instagram Marketing
• Facebook Marketing
• Video Marketing
• YouTube Marketing
• Digital Course Creation


I work with you online using the latest video conferencing systems and can share my screen or help you share yours so that we can effectively change your whole attitude towards working with ‘Tech'

Each session is recorded and we go through each strategy step by step so that you can action what you learn almost immediately, leaving you feeling empowered, confident and in control!

Feel free to reach out to me directly here on on my website or send me an email to anita@anitawong.co.uk and we can discuss your individual needs and how I can help you uplevel your tech skills and become the confident ‘Tech Savvy' Women you've always wished you could be. 

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

Digital Women Awards 2020

Anita Wong digital marketing

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