The secret to building your brand online and making sales is to grow your audience on social media and take that audience and build a community of engaged followers

– Anita Wong

Do you spend hours searching Google only to find an answer that isn't specific enough to your question and you have to start the search all over again?

Do you want to…
  • Want to confidently sell your online products or digital courses with ease?
  • Wants to stop losing LEADS for your business because your sales funnels are leaking and your leads drop away?
  • Wants to start attracting more real followers & subscribers to your social media channels so that you can convert them into buyers?
  • Wants to start making more money & attract new clients effortlessly?
  • Wants to grow your engagement authentically with client converting strategies?
  • Wants to direct your 5* clients to book a discovery call and actually have a conversation with them?
  • Want to start to grow your email list and engage with your followers intimately inside their inbox?
  • Want to finally connect those Digital Dots and finally start to grow your business online?

Anita created this excellent course for our community on how to get started with

Thousands of aspiring creators took the course. Many were impressed with the clarity of messaging, fun quizzes, and the approachable instructor. ❤️

Anita wrote the entire course herself with minimal guidance on our end. Fortunately, she was already an expert in live video and our power user.

Working with Anita was a pleasure. She would quickly implement any requested changes and keep us updated on her progress. As a result, we built and released the course in just over a month (ahead of schedule).

I highly recommend Anita as a skillful educator, talented video marketer, and reliable partner.

Anya Razina

Director of Product Marketing | Live Video | Live Show Host,

Learn how to bring the power of Youtube into your business during this 3 day event and masterclass. 

Anita is tops in tech and all things social media. She also keeps up on the latest as we know how fast moving social media can be! She teaches in easy to understand language and is super approachable and answers questions in a timely manner. She has made a profound change in my business visibility as I continue to grow. Thanks Anita!

Donna Stewart

Content Creator,

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