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I was looking for a solution to my problem, and I found myself drowning in information.

There are a lot of different strategies for online sellers which can be confusing. I will provide you with some clear and easy-to-implement action plans inside The Digital Lab & Tech School.

Grow your business visibility and sales with the support you deserve.

Access to all Digital Lab courses and 2 Live Calls per week are included in the mentorship programme plus a buzzing online community.

anita wong

There were so many videos and blogs telling me different strategies that would work but they just complicated things even more.

How am I supposed to make an informed decision with all this information? It's too overwhelming! That is why we are here today. We want to give you the answers you need without any of the confusion or complications: motivational strategies that are explained clearly and how people can understand them, action them and do them.

Who Is The Digital Lab & Tech School Mentorship Programme for?

It is for entrepreneurs like you who want to grow their businesses using Live Streaming and video on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube

You want someone on hand to answer your ‘How do I do that’ questions in a safe environment;

You need help to optimise your Facebook Page (if you are not growing in likes and engagement your page is not optimised); so that you can start attracting the right followers;

You want to learn how to create impactful content but not sure how to reach enough people or generating sales using video;

You want quick, simple, easy ways to repurpose content to multiple social media sites confidently;

You think you need a social media manager (you don’t really you just need me to help you inside the school);

You are fed up of seeing your ’competitors’ online every time you open your platforms and you find yourself comparing; and

You want to start to grow your business using video on Facebook, Instagram or/and YouTube

You want to make sales using video marketing authentically and with ease.

 You don't have to worry about trying to figure out the best way on your own, we'll provide you with personal touch to help you learn

The Digital Lab Mentoring Programme

Start Selling on Social With Live Confidence

I help you keep it simple so you can make the biggest impact on your clients, make money from your business because you have a lifestyle to achieve, and attract your 5* clients.

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Your Social Media Marketing Strategy & Tech In One Place

You will learn everything from the basics of optimising the most popular platforms such as Facebook and instagram to getting visible on YouTube, in a simple way to increase your visibility and engagement.

It’s amazing how many people don’t learn the basics of social media for business, then dive straight in, and then wonder why they don’t have any engagement from their 5* clients.

Social media is totally different for business compared to social posting, and inside the club, you get to learn how to use it properly for business so you get the results you are looking for.

Remove Your Live Streaming, Video & Social Media and Tech Overwhelm!

 If you are looking for an intimate club where your social media strategy is made simple enough for you to implement without the fear and overwhelm and with the confidence to Live Stream and create Video, then this is for you!


Anita Wong

Hi, I’m Anita Wong, a digital marketing strategist and the go-to person for all things tech. I meet you at your level of understanding with empathy and common sense AND empower you to take your business forward in ways you did not think possible!

I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners both large and small to help them get comfortable with tech and get seen online. I run a lot of online training courses and I will let you into a secret – I did all the training for a large video sharing platform.

In addition to my business ‘Anita Wong’ – I’m also a mum to 4 girls, 3 dogs, 2 budgies and a hamster.

My husband has a full-on job as a heart surgeon and loves holidays and secretly so do I!

And just for something to do in my spare time, I’m a champion BMX rider – I am currently ranked as World No. 5, British No. 4 and the only female cruiser rider for Twisted Concepts Factory BMX Team. 

One of my youngest daughters (did I tell you I have twins?) …is also riding in the championships like her mum – she loves the thrill of the ride!

The Digital Lab Mentorship Programme

Start Selling on Social With Live Confidence

I help you keep it simple so you can make the biggest impact on your clients, make money from your business because you have a lifestyle to achieve, and attract your 5* clients.

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