Fearlessly Visible Activation Coaching

Personalised Bespoke Energetic Coaching to Activate & Energise Your Visibility 

Anita Wong



We will discuss your individual needs and set the foundations for your own unique flow, optimising and creating your own energetic pathway, however, all coaching clients will receive

  • 12 x 1:1 Energetic Coaching Sessions ( Two per month)
  • Each 1:1 session comes with a powerful energetic activation meditation to embody your intentions
  • The TECH is covered if you want it to be!
    • Your sales funnel is built for you by one of my team, so you don't need to worry about the tech
    • Lead Magnet Art Work provides you with a well-designed PDF as a giveaway to grow your audience
    • Email Marketing set up and activation using ConvertKit
    • Lead Generation landing page and thank you page for energetic audience growth
  • The option to continue with additional support and accountability by joining the Fearlessly Visible Academy to continue your marketing and client growth.

What each coaching client will gain from working with me

  • Clarity around who your dream clients really are and how to attract them
  • Confidence online in all aspects of your business
  • Inspiration to take action
  • Openness to attracting clients aligned with your offers
  • Abundance in every way, wealth, health and self love
  • Learn how to plan and focus your energy and effort into attracting your dream clients
  • Clarity on who you really want to work with and don't want to work with
  • The ability to identify where their is a mismatch in your own energy and the tools to recognise, acknowledge, reframe and embody change
  • A lifelong blueprint to continue to grow and up level your business
  • A sales funnel or two to continuously attract, nurture and sell to your dream clients over and over again
  • Stress free online visibility

Anita Wong

Hi, I am a visibility breakthrough coach and tech guru.

I bridge the gap between how you want to be online and how you are currently showing up using energetic breakthrough methods, tech and modern day digital marketing strategies.

I am a mum of 4 daughters and see myself as a role model to them and all the other women in this world.

For fun, I race BMX bikes, love to travel and own 2 dogs, Maidie and Vanilla.

Anita Wong


Working with Anita for 3 months was just what I needed to begin to learn some of the tools and skills needed for digital marketing of my business. Not having any experience at all, Anita was lovely to work with, patient and informative.

I learnt how to repurpose my videos, I learnt how to use FB in a much more productive way and boost my business page. I learnt how to create my lead magnet and collect email addresses to begin to build up my following and stay connected through email newsletters. As a complete novice when it comes to technology and marketing, I have now some basic foundational tools to help me grow my business in a way that works for me.

I really enjoyed working with Anita and would highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade their digital marketing skills.


The Shamanic Coach

Amanda Hummingbird


“I just want to give a massive shout out for how great Anita is at making your tech simple and getting you seen in front of more people online. I first met Anita 12 months ago and she is my ‘go to' for all things technical. I am a creative and a former ‘technophobe!' I used to fear tech so much, it massively held me back in my business. Since working with Anita, my Instagram followers have increased, I am consistent on Instagram, I have lead magnets attached to my Instagram profile, she has helped me optimise my social media platforms, and her energy and belief in you is infectious. If you are a technophobe like I was, you want to hit the ground running with your business, and you also want your visibility and tech to be simple, then reach out to Anita, I highly recommend her.”

Compelling content creator

Anneliese McKay

Anneliese McKay Testimonial

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