Welcome to The Facebook & Instagram Sales Breakthrough Programme.

When you join The Facebook & Instagram Breakthrough Programme, you'll get:

  • INSTANT ACCESS to all modules – Start partying!!!
  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the Facebook support group – Casual hangout and networking opportunities.
  • Weekly Live HAPPY HOURQ&A Group calls FOR 12 MONTHS 
  • Access to this programme, future updates and Happy Hour sessions for 12 months
  • World class Video tutorials and DOWNLOADS that you can play and download over and over again
  • ALL UPDATES as they happen.

When you open your Instagram or Facebook Account do you want to…

⭐️ Feel really confident using Instagram stories so that you can advertise, invite people and create stories that don’t feel like you’re always just selling!

⭐️ Confidently create stories for your business step by step with client attracting strategies that will convert your followers into genuine leads

⭐️ Grow your audience, show authority, and turn prospects into paying clients without tearing your hair out or coming across too salesy!

⭐️ Power up your reels to connect with your true tribe and learn how to engage with your audience across both Instagram and Facebook with ease.

⭐️ Finally, banish those tech fears, Go Live, create video and sell confidently and authentically using all that Instagram & Facebook have to offer!

After completing this course you will be sipping champagne celebrating how awesome you are &…

⭐️ Be able to use the power of Instagram & Facebook for your business to build your authority, grow your following & level up your sales

⭐️ Fully understand how to use Instagram and Facebook for your business and become the influencer in your field of expertise you've always dreamed of

⭐️ Understand who your clients are and create great content that will ENGAGE and PULL them towards you

⭐️ Create an Instagram account you actually feel confident about & share it with friends, family and potential customers without being embarrassed

⭐️ You won't ever be afraid to open Instagram or Facebook up again when there has been an update because you will have the tools in place to manage any changes

⭐️ A new consistency habit in place – which will enable you to consistently create content that gets you results!

⭐️ Understand how hashtags work and implement/change your Hashtag strategy to send targeted traffic directly to your feed & Stories with every post you make

⭐️ Confidently implement strategies to Go Live on Instagram and engage with your viewers in real time.

⭐️ Sell more of your products & services, or monetise your following for the first time so that you can start creating the income you desire & sip Champagne!

⭐️ Find your flow by easily mixing up your content and sharing it across Instagram & Facebook so that you can convert your followers into fans and leads whatever you are selling

⭐️ Finally, banish those tech fears and confidently use Instagram & Facebook Stories,  IGTV, REELS, Guides, Live video and anything new thrown at you like an EXPERT you know you are!

⭐️ Love yourself and your social media accounts and constantly show them off to EVERYONE unashamedly 

Welcome to The Facebook & Instagram Sales Breakthrough Programme.

Throughout this Instagram & Facebook for Breakthrough Programme you WILL LEARN:

How to create the perfect lead generating strategy for you so that you can create the right one for you and your business.

Go through the practical steps of creating leads through Reels, Video, Stories and how to make it really easy for the members of your audience to become a lead. So the easier it is for your audience to become a lead, the more and more they will do it.

Create leads from IGTV. Did you know that most people buy into you as a person, so the more they see you on video, the more they want you and in this part I show you how to move your IGTV viewers to leads.

Create leads from Facebook stories. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could create leads from your Facebook stories within minutes? In this section of the programme I show you how.

PLUS IF YOU NEED IT – We will cover:

Set up your Instagram & Facebook Business profiles correctly, add the essential Call to Actions and website addresses. Did you know most people miss this which is why they are struggling to create sales and grow their list?

Learn how to create Facebook and Instagram stories with ease so you can do it in minutes and get on with your day comfortably knowing you are being seen by the right clients.

Learn how to create Instagram and Facebook Business you're proud of and learn the pineapple essence strategy so each section is clear and concise to leave your audience wanting more.

Use IGTV confidently so you know exactly what to talk about, what size video you should use, and how to create those catchy headlines and subtitles that you see on other people’s IGTV.

Use the right desktop apps for creating your stories including Wave.video and Canva

Use the right hassle free apps on your phone for creating your stories to save you bags of time. Some of them can feel a bit fiddly don’t you think? I will show you which ones to use so you are not all fingers and thumbs!

What's Included

  • Prepare your Instagram business profile set up for success,
  • Instagram privacy settings set up
  • Instagram contact details set up
  • Instagram Creator Studio
  • Instagram Direct messenger explained
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Instagram business/Creator
  • Prepare your Facebook Business Page for Stories Success
  • Facebook business page
  • Facebook settings
  • Facebook privacy
  • The difference between profile & business page
  • Facebook Creator Studio
  • Identifying your social media goals
  • Introducing you to the FREE Energetic Content bonuses
  • Why post to your Instagram Feed
  • Your Nine Square Grid
  • Your 5 content blocks explained
  • Facebook Biz page posting
  • What are Hashtags and why are they essential
  • How to search Hashtags
  • How to Identify your unique Hashtags
  • Your 5 groups of Hashtags Explained
  • Flick Hashtags Software
  • Instagram stories explained
  • Instagram stories features, polls, questions, quizzes, videos, emojis,
  • Instagram Live, bringing people onto your live, downloading your Live for repurposing
  • How to share your feed posts to your stories,
  • How to share your stories posts to a wider audience through messenger,
  • Instagram stories highlights,
  • how to set up Instagram stories highlights, graphics for Instagram highlights
  • Facebook stories explained
  • The difference between profile stories and business stories,
  • How to set up Facebook business stories,
  • The importance of your website links,
  • Facebook Stories features such as polls, questions, gifts, emojis, text, images & video
  • Tagging Facebook business stories,
  • Sharing Facebook business stories
  • What is IGTV
  • IGTV strategy
  • Using IGTV for  your Live stories
  • Sharing IGTV videos to your Instagram stories,
  • Links from IGTV to other platforms,
  • IGTV video series
  • How to go Live on Instagram
  • How to save your Live Videos to IGTV
  • What you need to go Live
  • Inside and outside Video Kit
  • Video Confidence
  • How to use Reels
  • How to create a Reels video
  • Editing your Reels Video
  • Adding stickers and features to your reels
  • Sharing reels to Reels unique Tab
  • Sharing Reels to your Stories

Learn how to create the new Instagram Guides

  • What are Guides
  • How can I use Guides
  • Shopping Guides
  • Location Guides
  • Post Guides
BONUS 3: Facebook Live & Business Page Visibility

Learn how to use your Facebook Biz page and Live Streaming on Facebook to grow your visibility

  • How to go live on Facebook from your mobile
  • How to post your content to Facebook from Instagram
  • How to use your Facebook Lives inside IGTV
Stories Creating Apps for Mobile & Desktop

Learn how to create Stories using Apps such as Canva, Mojo, Wave.video & VideoShop

  • Apps that create stories for both Facebook and Instagram,
  • Apps to create a video for IGTV,
  • Apps to create a video for Instagram feed,
  • Apps to create content for stories,
  • How to use DM's
  • How to set up your Instagram messaging settings
  • How to configure FAQ
  • How to send an audio and video chat
  • How to set up Quick Replies
  • Instagram Threads explained

Instagram & Facebook Lead Conversion Explain

  • How to grow your email list
  • How to grow your Facebook group
  • How to grow your YouTube channel
  • How to grow your call signups, how to sell your events
  • How to sell products on stories
  • How to get DM's in Stories
  • Why use stories for your business
  • Promoting events on stories
  • Selling products on stories
  • Collecting leads with stories
  • Giving directions through stories
  • Getting phone calls through stories
  • Video funnels with stories
  • Selling your programmes through stories
  • Filling your groups with stories
  • Selling your products on Stories


  • Finding it increasingly difficult to get consistent clients organically.
  • Want to create Facebook and Instagram Biz stories to generate leads or 5* clients, or create sales from physical products.
  • Don’t have a clue how to utilise stories to create and what content to include so it attracts the right clients.
  • Don’t know how to stay consistent with your stories content and are always running out of ideas so you end up feeling drained and not getting anywhere.
  • Want to re-purpose your own content so it saves you at least three hours a day.
  • Have no structure or organisation to your stories content so you end up creating content ad-hoc with no purpose.
  • Don’t know what to post so you just end up scrolling your feed and sharing other people’s posts with no strategy behind it.
  • Don’t know how to make your stories look catchy so they leave your audience wanting more.
  • It’s also perfect for you if you are fed up of being in feast and famine with sales, know you are BRILLIANT at what you do, and just want more business through a simple social media strategy.
  • And if you are a positive person, willing to do the work, follow what I say, and cheer others on, then it’s time for you to join.



An AMAZING 90 days of energetic content for Instagram and Facebook. Created for you to use in both your Stories posts and your feed posts to attract and fill your sales funnel.


Just copy the day, add your own pain points and solutions and off you go!

GOLDEN PINEAPPLES No 2 – 30 Day Social Media Content Planner 

Work and commit to planning your Instagram, Facebook and Stories posts in this easy to use downloadable Social media planner


When you’re learning anything new, it's always reassuring that you have the ability to ask questions and talk through those bits you might get stuck on.

It is also a great opportunity to discuss strategies and individual needs as you move through the course.


Accountability is key to your success with Instagram and Facebook so weeks 9-12 are all around accountability and showing up.

When you’re creating any type of social media strategy, you need to be consistent and visible throughout your campaigns

Knowing what to write and showing up every day with the support and inspiration of your fellow trainees will help you keep consistent and visible and help you get the results you deserve.

GOLDEN PINEAPPLES 🍍 No 5 – Private Facebook Group 

Every course member has access to our private Facebook group where we have open discussions and the Live Q&A replays are stored. Plus the 30 day accountability pod runs from here to.

Hi, I'am Anita Wong, pineapples 🍍 feature in my brand because they are unique, not one is the same and they come with a magical sweetness and are layered full of goodness, just like YOU!

I have been a digital visibility strategist for nearly ten years, finalist in the Digital Women Awards 2020, Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, International video trainer for BIG brands such as  Wave.video & Restream, I'm a YOUTUBER and can see your social media marketing from outside the box!

I’m also a mum of four teenage girls, I used to be an intensive care nurse and I have a real passion for empowering women worldwide to be visible and successful through simple social media strategies and if that isn't enough, I also race BMX bikes for a hobby and currently No 5 in the World (old women's category) but LOVE IT 🤣 with pineapples 🍍 on top

Anita Wong Video Creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How long to I have to work through the course?

The course itself consists of 12 modules, which you can have immediate access to although I would work through them in order and take your time plus you have a bonus 4 week accountability module as well. You have access to the course content FOREVER.

Will I be able to keep up as I'm quite new to Stories?

Yes, the course is structured so that you only get a certain amount of content in one go and all the modules are divided up into short, easy to follow videos.

I'm Scared of The Tech Will you Support Me?

Yes, absolutely, my method of teaching breaks down each task into bite size easy to manage learnings that take either video format or pdf or both PLUS we have our weekly Q&A where you can submit and ask questions.

How long will it take to see any results?

It will depend on you and you taking action and doing the work. Members of the programme who have done the work have seen Facebook groups grow, leads into their email list and sales, so usually, you will start to see results if you are consistently showing up and following the strategies.


We do not offer any refunds on this course because we have applied a generous discount and as soon as the doors to this course open you will have access to all our material.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you should not buy this programme unless you are serious about making a change to your business and putting in the work required to make it happen.

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