Are you ‘stuck'? Running out of time? Confused by all processes?Overwhelm setting in?

YouTube Simple Visibility

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Visibility in your business using the best search engine online

Facebook & Instagram

Make an impact on your audience by connecting authentically

Course Growth

Generate a semi passive income from selling your content online

Sales Funnels

Start generating sales by automating your audience growth and lead funnels

Are you tired of putting in all this effort with no rewards?

Have you got to the point in your business journey where everything you try just isn't working and you now want to up your game and start making some real money in your business?

Do you want to:

– Be held accountable and work towards a monthly goal that is going to make a difference to your business?

– Attract more real followers & subscribers and learn how to nurture them into paying clients?

– Start to make more money & passive income?

– Grow your engagement authentically with client converting strategies;

– Start or grow your social media platforms and finally understand how to use them effectively; and

– Direct your 5* clients to book a discovery call and grow your email list

– Start or grow your YouTube channel for greater visibility & leads?

– Finally put your content into a course area that generates sales and looks professional.


Working with Anita for 3 months was just what I needed to begin to learn some of the tools and skills needed for digital marketing of my business. Not having any experience at all, Anita was lovely to work with, patient and informative.

I learnt how to repurpose my videos, I learnt how to use FB in a much more productive way and boost my business page. I learnt how to create my lead magnet and collect email addresses to begin to build up my following and stay connected through email newsletters. As a complete novice when it comes to technology and marketing, I have now some basic foundational tools to help me grow my business in a way that works for me.

I really enjoyed working with Anita and would highly recommend anyone looking to upgrade their digital marketing skills.


The Shamanic Coach

The fact of the matter is, you have to know how to get the best out of your platforms in the simplest way so you stop procrastinating.

I help you keep it simple so you can make the biggest impact on your clients, make money from your business because you have a lifestyle to achieve, and attract your 5* clients.  Life is too short to be in the same position next year churning out the same content but not hitting the sweet spot with your clients.

There will be no more ‘I’ll wait until tomorrow,’ or not believing you are good enough to do a Facebook Live when you work with me. As a certified life coach I help mentor you through those limiting beliefs that females seem to have about tech and strategy and always chasing perfectionism, so you are able to move forward with your social media strategy and just get it done!

If you are fed up of not getting the visibility you deserve, are not attracting your 5* clients quickly enough, or simply feel really frustrated with your social media strategy (or never even had one in place!), then all you need is someone like me to clearly explain to you in a way you can understand what you need to get done in the quickest and simplest way.

This is why as an entrepreneur it’s imperative you are present to attract the audience you want.

When I mentor you I help you:

– Pre-plan your social media content;
– Share strategies with you that will convert followers into leads;
– Plan out your video content and titles;
– Different Strategies for the platforms of choice; 
– Add all the elements you need to make your channels a success.

In addition, I mentor you so you can confidently do all of that yourself so you no longer procrastinate, your overwhelm stops, and you start being truly visible.

You will learn some aspects of video editing, content creation, tools & systems to increase your visibility and how easy it is to keep the momentum going on all your social channels.

You will be able to sell your products and services, draw people into your lead magnet, and have professional looking content to stand out amongst your competitors.

If you are wanting visibility and impact then taking back control is an absolute must, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Work with me to set up or revive your social media channels and get more followers and subscribers, build your sales funnels, attract your 5* clients and start making an income you desire.

Book your call and let's have a conversation to see if we are a fit to work together to build your business the way you want to.

Then you need to start thinking 'I want to up level and I want to do this now'!

Nick Blanchard

Nick Blanchard

Zoco Networking

OMG I LOVE my tech 90 min sessions with Anita! We ALL have bits of tech/software that we need help with.”

Anneliese McKay

Anneliese McKay

Compelling content creator

“If you are a technophobe like I was, you want to hit the ground running with your business, and you also want your visibility and tech to be simple, then reach out to Anita, I highly recommend her.” 

OMG I LOVE my tech 90 min sessions with Anita! We ALL have bits of tech/software that we need help with, and in 90 mins she always teaches/shows me so much! We cracked my YouTube channel/Restream/My LinkedIn profile & looked at Canva all in 90 mins! I CANNOT recommend using her highly enough!!

Nick Blanchard

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