The other day I was told yet again that I was the ‘Tech Queen’ of social, But what does that me to YOU?

I’m not a tech queen, I’m a problem solver! A DIGITAL DOT connector! You see, the word ‘tech’ to me springs up connotations of someone coding, or designing the next app! I think, to you, it means the ‘how to’ of using something!

Please, feel free to comment below and correct me, if I’m wrong, but just give me a minute to explain myself!

Inside my Digital Lab and Tech School™️, many of the ‘tech’ questions are actually questions related to using the tools and software which are used every day to grow your business and help you make sales, tools like ConvertKit, which is an email marketing tool, or Zoom, which is an online web conferencing tool, to questions related to how do I create a Reel on Instagram or how do I share a video to Facebook!

It’s questions like this that can cost you hours of your time if you have nowhere to ask them and can lead to your business growth stalling and you becoming stuck and your sales drying up!

That’s where I come in, I help you to look at your business from your prospective clients point of view, I can see where your DIGITAL DOTS are not connected and where you’re loosing your leads and sales, where confusion exists and where things are not set up properly.

These DIGITAL DOTS are the foundations of where your sales come from, they’re the magical energised workflows that you create through your messaging, your voice, your presence online, they are the glue that sticks your visibility together!

If these DIGITAL DOTS are disconnected, your workflow turns into a sieve rather than a funnel and your followers fall out of your workflow and into the ether and you don’t want that now, do you?

So, just to make sure I’m explaining myself clearly to you, here is just one of the many workflows that you’ll learn about from me and one that you may be trying to use to attract clients to your products or services yourself, this workflow often has gaps in and the Digital dots are often not properly connected!

The flows below show you why you need your digital dots connected and an email flow which shows the steps needed to collect email subscribers so you can sell directly into their email box!

digital dots connection
email marketing infographic

Now, there are many places in this process where some of you may not have your DIGITAL DOTS CONNECTED! For example in:

Step 1: Opening and setting up an email marketing account may seem very complicated to some of you, you may not understand the need to grow an email list or its significance when it comes to selling! This first step requires some technical expertise which you may think is beyond you, however, nothing is beyond any of us if we have the correct support from me!

Step 2: This step itself can be difficult if you don’t have a clear idea of who your ideal clients are or if you haven’t yet worked out what to sell or who to sell to! It can also create some ‘technical’ difficulties around creating the freebie, designing it, and producing it. All big triggers when it comes to digital overwhelm and getting stuck! Again, solvable, given the correct support from me!

Step 3: This part again requires a creative flair, knowledge of the email marketing platform, and awareness of your ideal client's pain points and needs, plus an understanding of how to optimise your social platforms properly. Joining the DIGITAL DOTS together inside your email marketing software can be overlooked if you don’t understand the process needed to deliver your freebie. Again, solvable, given the correct support from me!

Step 4: This is the fun bit where you get to share posts about your freebie, attract your clients to your social media platforms and share that all-important link! But where do you put the link if your fav social media platform is Instagram or LinkedIn? What do you do if you want to go live and talk about your freebie, where do you put the link then? These types of questions are solved inside the digital lab and tech school which was created for you by me!

Now, I didn’t share this infographic or this email with to scare you, I wanted to show you just a snippet of what you can do and achieve for yourself and your business if you work with me.

I can help you bring order to chaos, bring planning to disorganisation, bring confidence to the unconfident and bring sales and growth to your business!

I have lots of ways you can work with me and I’d like to explain them to you! Like I said before, I’m not a tech queen, I’m a problem solver and solution provider, A CONNECTOR OF YOUR DIGITAL DOTS, SO THAT YOU CAN GET SALES AND START TO FEEL CONFIDENT AGAIN ABOUT GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!

How you can work with me:

Become a member of The Digital Lab & Tech School™ from £48/month

BRONZE superpower membership £48/month gets you access to 17 pre-recorded courses, plus 3 open Q & A sessions per week, that's 12 opportunities to ask me questions and grow your business plus 50% off all signatures courses released in the future plus a BONUS 30-minute planning session with me after you sign up

SILVER superpower membership £88/month gets you everything in bronze PLUS a 90-minute strategy/tech session once a quarter.

GOLD superpower membership £138/month gets you everything in bronze and silver PLUS a monthly 90-minute strategy/tech session per month!

To discover more about the Digital Lab & Tech School™ Please visit the lab's platform here, the doors open again on November 8th, 2021

If you would like to work with me as a VIP client on my 3 monthly coaching programme I have a couple of places available. I limit this number so I can give my undivided attention to optimising your business and connecting all the Digital dots up for success.

As a VIP, you get 4 calls a month, 2 x 60 minutes and 2 x 30 minutes plus Monday – Friday messenger support and as bonus access to The Digital Lab & Tech School™ For the duration of your VIP coaching. To find out more and to work with me as a VIP, please book a discovery call by clicking here

So coming back to my original question 🙋‍♀️ at the beginning of this slightly longer blog post than usual, How has ‘Tech’ stalled your business and what does that mean for you and your sales?

Add a comment and let me know where you think your DIGITAL DOTS are disconnected and if you would like more workflows like the one above!

To your success as always

Anita 🍍

Anita Wong

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