Why YouTube?

🎬 Grow your reach and audience with YouTube

🎬 Evergreen content that lasts forever and ever

🎬 People tune in to watch YouTube videos every day to be entertained or educated

🎬 52% of the top 100 searches are branded searches

🎬 71% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube for video marketing

Here are some of the reasons you may not have started a YouTube Channel yet!

  • Tech Is Scary
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Perfectionism
  • Competition

Let me help you with that, here are 3 videos that will help you to 

1. Open a google account

2. Open a  YouTube channel

3. Know where everything is inside the YouTube studio!

If you would like access to more useful videos, you can access module 1 of my Getting started with YouTube course absolutely FREE by clicking here https://www.thedigitallabandtechschool.com/courses/getstartedonyoutubeprogramme

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