Today, I'm going to share with you 7 strategies that will show you How to start and grow a YouTube channel in 2023 with ease and without the overwhelm.

It doesn't matter if you haven't got a channel or you've got a channel that you've inherited by posting and commenting on other people's videos, this video is going to help you get started so that you can open and grow your YouTube channel in 2023 especially if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur who wants to reach out and grow your audience online.


Open up a YouTube channel and optimise the home page of your channel, this includes adding graphics to your channel banner and add a profile picture to your channel.

  • Add a call to action in your banner for desktop viewers, this should include sales links, discovery call links, and other social links.
  • Customise your channel by adding playlists and select which playlists you want to show on your channel page for easy viewing.
  • Complete your about section so your viewers can learn more about you.
  • If you are eligible, use your community tab to create enegagement with your subscribers
Steps to optimising your Youtube channel


Starting a YouTube channel in 2023 will help you to sell your products and share more information about what it is that you do. If you can clearly identify on your YouTube channel what it is that you do, the problems that you solve, what you're selling, and what you want to achieve, then your viewers are going to come back for more, and connect with you via the links you've added to your channel.

3. SET ACHIEVABLE GOALS. So in other words, I don't expect you to set a goal that is completely out of reach.

Reaching 100 subscribers is a great goal, uploading a weekly video is a great goal, and sharing a video once a week to your other social media platforms is a great goal!

So don't expect to set yourself a goal of like, I'm going to have a million subscribers by the end of 2023 because that's going to be really hard work to get to.

YouTube is really about growing, adapting, adjusting, and then tweaking so that you grow gradually. When you grow gradually, you grow with the subscribers who are going to engage with your content and possibly become new clients.

So set YouTube goals that you know are achievable. Small, achievable goals, which you can work towards, are so much better than one massive big one that you know is out of your reach.

set your YouTube goals

4. BEGIN CREATING VIDEOS AND CONSISTENTLY UPLOAD THEM. So, in other words, don't put one video up once a month and then don't do anything for two months and then come back, and put another video up. Try to create your videos, maybe sit down in one day and record for videos and then schedule them and plan them out so that you have a consistent upload schedule. Once a week or one of fortnight is perfectly fine.

You set the pace, however, you do need to create a doable consistent pace.


This will help the algorithm learn from your content, but it's going to learn from the people who are viewing your content.

So if you do have a consistent upload schedule, then YouTube is going to push your content out to those people who are looking for the solutions or the products that you are talking about.

6. Optimise your video before and after you have recorded it by doing the following:

  • Use a tool such as TubeBuddy to help you research your video topic and to look for the best title that fits your topic.
  • Keep your video title short and keyword rich
  • Always ensure you've added a description to your video
  • Add Tags to help SEO and help correct user spelling mistakes
  • Always add a video thumbnail to your videos
  • Share and keep sharing your videos, the shelf life is forever if you utilize the sharing options inside of YouTube, this will also SAVE YOU TIME
optimise your videos before and after uploading to YouTube

7. RESEARCH YOUR CHOSEN FIELD OF EXPERTISE & CHECK YOUR ANALYTICS – Spend some time researching and looking at the data of your current channel and see which videos you've already got on there that are working well for you?

YouTube provides this data free of charge inside of your YouTube studio, which is a great resource that YouTube gives you completely free of charge.

Use the YouTube studio to view your channel analytics

In conclusion, the strategies that I have shared with you today will help you to take a look at getting started on YouTube or begin to grow your current channel that you've already got.

There are so many other reasons why you should think about getting started on YouTube in 2023. I'd love to invite you to my YouTube Masterclass, which is taking place in December, where I'll go through these strategies in more depth to help you get started or actually grow your current channel.

YouTube is a powerful business building resource that will help you GROW your business.

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7 Steps To Grow Your YouTube Channel

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