How much can you learn in 60 seconds? A lot it seems! Join me as I create 24 different 60 second marketing strategies you can implement to help you with your Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies.

From identifying your ideal audience to creating videos, these marketing strategies in 60 seconds will help you create a rock solid marketing campaign.

Each Day throughout December 2019, I will be uploading a new video. Join me now on my blog or on my YouTube channel to soak up the information.

Digital Marketing Strategy in 60 seconds No 1

We look at setting your campaign goal for the month of December.

This could be:

1. raising awareness of your brand,

2. Increasing your overall visibility and being more present,

3. sharing your back story,

4. introducing a new product or launching a new product,

5. it could even be getting new email subscribers to your list but whatever you decide to do for the month of December, write it down and share it with me in the comments below and tomorrow we can start planning together…

Digital Marketing Strategy in 60 seconds No 2

Which social media platform are my clients on?

How do I know where to start my marketing campaigns and where my audience will be?

These are just some of the questions I get asked by my clients so here is a short 60-second video that can jump-start your thinking.

Strategy No 2 we look at where your audience is hanging out. This could be:

1. Run surveys and speak to previous clients as to why they needed your help

2. Run polls and quizzes to survey your audience

3. Look at your Facebook groups and start engaging in them, especially if they are in your niche

4. Look on Twitter and see which hashtags are trending in your niche

5. Engage, engage and do more engaging to build up a relationship with your audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy in 60 seconds No 3

No 3 of my 60 second marketing strategies and this time we look at How to Use Facebook and it's family of Apps |

Did you know that Facebook now consists of:

*Facebook Profile

*Facebook Business pages

*Facebook groups

*Facebook Shopping

*Facebook Events

*Facebook Stories

*Facebook Messenger

Digital Marketing Strategy in 60 seconds No 4

Facebook Slideshow | Facebook for Business | Create a Square Video using Facebook Slideshow

Not very good at making videos?

You do not need to worry with Facebook Slideshow options in your Facebook Business page 

Create a Square Video using Facebook Slideshow from your own photos.

Follow the following process

1. Select photo/video on your Facebook business page

2. Select create slideshow

3. Upload up to 10 still images to Facebook

4. Select frame size, transition length and select your transition, whether you want it blended or sharp

5. Add music

6. Press create slideshow and Facebook will add it to your page

7. Update the text and CTA

8. If you want, go to edit video and download it to use elsewhere.

60-second Strategy Tips No 4 Who would have believed I could fit this into 60 seconds!!!!

Digital Marketing Strategy in 60 seconds No 5

Learn how to use video App Clipomatic in 60 seconds

You will learn

1. How to set up the format

2. How to select text locations

3. Record for up to 60 seconds

4. Learn how to edit your captions

5. Save your project

Post your captioned video across your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and any other Social Media platforms you may use.

Who is Anita Wong?

Anita is a digital marketing strategist, She is fast becoming known as the go-to person for all things techy because Anita meets you at your level of understanding with empathy, common sense AND empower you to take your business forward in ways you did not think possible!

Anita can show you how to leverage your Stories strategy to grow your business and increase your client base. She keeps her finger on the pulse so you don't have to.

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