Stories Live Online course

Instagram & Facebook Stories Build a Successful Campaign


Learn how to light up your Instagram and Facebook stories!

Stories Live we will guide you through how to use Stories, what you can use them for in your business and how they can really help to make you stand out from your competitors. 

    You will Learn:

    *How Instagram Stories can benefit your business or brand

    *Profile page set up

    *How Instagram’s algorithms work

    *Knowing your audience

    *Apps for managing & creating dynamic content

    *Telling your story

    *How to measure your success with insights

    *Hashtags – what are they and how to use them in your business Stories

    *Tagging and sharing Stories

    *Strategy – knowing your niche

    *Planning a Campaign 

    Stories Live is for you if…

    *You have a business or personal brand you want to grow through Instagram or Facebook stories

    *You want to improve your ability to be seen by prospective clients using Facebook or Instagram Stories 

    *You want to grow in confidence and build a strong Instagram/Facebook stories strategy.

    *You are new to Instagram/ Facebook Stories or just know the basics and want to move your stories marketing strategy to the next level. 

    *How to measure your success with insights

    *Hashtags – what are they and how to choose the right ones for your business

    You will take away:

    • Strategic objectives for your Instagram Stories marketing
    • A guide for content creation
    • The ability to create professional standard Stories images or Videos
    • A clear plan of action, stories templates, and exclusive Stories Hacks that will WOW your followers
    • Knowledge, excitement, motivation, and confidence to set your goals and achieve them using Stories

    Why me?

    I have been successfully teaching high earning entrepreneurs and businesses on how to use Social Media effectively to reach their marketing goals and improve their ROI.

    My clients include those who understand how important it is to use the digital marketing tools at hand or those who want me to teach their clients on how to use their software.

    What I Love?

    Watching my clients feel empowered, confident, truly energised and excited to use the tools they have learned about during my training sessions.


    Following my training workshops, participants grow their following, are more confident to cope with the everchanging Digital Marketing landscape and attract the right type of clients that they can go on and work with. 

    Stories Live Self Learning Modules

    (Content subject to change)

    • What are Stories
    • Why use Instagram and Facebook Stories in your marketing campaigns?
    • What are Facebook Stories
    • What are Instagram Stories
    • Facebook and Instagram compared
    • How to use Facebook Stories
    • How to use Instagram Stories
    • How to implement a Stories Strategy
    • How to create a Stories Marketing Campaign
    • Apps and Software to help you create and manage your stories

    Modular training will be a mixture of downloadable reference pdfs and high-quality training videos.

    Stories Live is the online version of my in-person Workshops and will be available for self-learning from mid January 2020

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