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I love creating video, and have been creating pre recorded video and going Live across my social media channels for several years. I have successfully grown my YouTube channel to over 500,000 views and a growing subscriber base of 2.6K using video and I want to share these strategies with you all as well.

Create video with confidence!

If you are fed up of either putting sporadic videos on YouTube or Facebook, searching for the perfect strategy, not really understanding any traction from your videos, or don’t even know where to start, then you are not alone.


Thousands of entrepreneurs are trying to create a video, whether that is going Live or pre-recording video, but with little success, because they do not know how to, what software to use or even why they should!

Here are a few immediate advantages of creating Video:

– You can gain more subscribers/followers;
– Get eyes on your content;
– Direct viewers to your email list;
– Grow your Facebook group;
– Direct viewers to book a discovery call.

In a World of Technology, you have me!

I am passionate about empowering business owners like you to use video, not only to create but to also understand how to use video in their marketing and how to use the tech, software and resources that you need to understand in order to action the strategies I teach.

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