Social media has become an essential tool for business, ignore it at your peril! However, for those of us watching our twenties getting smaller in the rear view, it can seem like an overwhelming tsunami of hashtags, memes, algorithms and animal-ear filters. When it comes to empowering women in tech, women are criminally underrepresented but are just as capable as men at using technology. The only thing to fear is fear itself. So, here are some clever ways to streamline your workload and make juggling the different platforms less intimidating.


Smarten Up Your Signature


Trying to increase your followers? WiseStamp helps you to create classy email signatures that include links to any social media platforms you choose. You can even embed a video if you like! It’s a doddle to use and can be linked directly to your email account. So every email you send gives people an effortless way to connect with your socials.

Keep it Snappy


Want to send people to a specific page quickly? Nobody likes to look at ugly, overlong urls. With my favourite tool PrettyLinks you can enter your elephantine url (that’s the really long one you’ve just copied and were about to paste into your nice blog or email!) and transform it into a zippy little number that’s easy to read and tempting to click. You can customise it to make the destination crystal clear. Crucially, any SEO in your original url will still work effectively. There are several sites doing similar but PrettyLinks is well-known and trusted, so your customers can click with confidence.

Get Adept at Adaptation


Trying to establish your brand visually? It’s mildly annoying that every social media channel has different size guidelines for headers, banners and posts. Of course, you want your content to be streamlined across multiple platforms. All that resizing can be a time consuming chore. That’s why Canva or do the tedious work for you. Both provide amazing templates needed to do the job quickly and efficiently and are a must to grow your business in the tech savvy way.


Spin Those Plates


Overwhelmed by multiple posting duties? Don’t crash your browser by having every different social platform open at once. Keep control of all of them from one place with a social media management app like Buffer or Hootsuite. These enable you to pre-prepare multiple posts in advance, schedule them and check analytics. This frees up your precious time for other tasks.

Wrestle with the Heavyweights


Need help raising the profile of your company? BuzzSumo is an app which tracks down mentions of your company or product. You can share any praise or interesting articles you find on your social channels. It also has a feature which helps you to search for key influencers in your sphere. This helps you to connect with the right people who can help your business blossom and grow.

Empowering Women to use Technology


Women make up less than 30% of the tech departments at the top companies and just 17% of people working in tech in the UK are female. But women are natural socialisers who tend to excel at communicating, making allies and empathising with others. In social media, women dominate. There are 11% more women than men using Facebook, 7% more on Instagram and a whopping 29% more on Pinterest. So choose a platform you’re comfortable with and play to your strengths?

Feel free to share with me what fears and frustrations you’ve experienced when using the tech behind the social media giants in the comments below.


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