Restream Pairs - Step by step tutorial

What is Restream pairs and how can it help you grow your visibility online?

With Restream Pairs you can invite guests to add their social media channels to your own scheduled live and pre-recorded event, allowing you and your guest to live stream to both your channels as if it is your own. This in turn amplifies your views and your guest's views, making it a win win situation!

Now in order for you to create a scheduled event in your Restream account, you need the following

  • A account, if you haven't got one, pick up your free account via this link
  • Then watch the first video below to familiarize yourself with the studio and all it has to offer

Moving on to using Restream Pairs to enhance your visibility?

Restream Pairs works in such a way as it brings your guest or guests into your studio but allows them to amplify the live stream reach by sharing the stream across their social media channels as well. As you can see from this screenshot, one live stream was shared to 10 social media channels, a mix of mine and my guest's channels.

So you see the reach can be amazing! Imagine having 2,3,4,5 guests on your show and all of them pairing your lives with theirs!

restream pairs channels
Restream Paired guests accounts

There are two ways of pairing your Live show with your guests.

The first is to pair your live scheduled show with your guest and go live together, just like the screenshot below.

Paired Live Stream

The second is to share someone else's live stream without being a guest, perhaps a brand collaboration or a live stream which would be beneficial to your audience.

sharing other live streams as your own using Restream pairs

So how do you set up Restream Pairs for your own channels?

It is super easy to set up Restream Pairs to your own channel, the video below runs through the process step by step but to summerise, the steps are as follows;

  • Create a scheduled event inside your Restream Studio, you can use a third party tool if need be, but this exercise has been done using the restream Live studio
  • Connect your social media channels to your live stream, add your title, description, and thumbnail and click save
  • You'll then be offered a PAIRED LINK to share with your guest.
  • Your guest clicks this link and adds their channels to your show and Live stream events are created across their channels as well.

Video 1 covers how you create a scheduled event inside of your own Restream account and access the Pairs link

Video 2 covers how your guest sets up their own live streams inside their own restream accounts and pairs them with your own

In conclusion, using Restream Pairs will greatly enhance the reach and visibility of your regular Live streams.

Pairing your live stream with your guests alongside the early promotion of your live stream is an awesome way to raise brand awareness and your message across social media and beyond. If you would like to find out more about using as a live streaming tool, please sign up for an account here and join my free Facebook group here

Any questions, drop them in the comments below this blog or alongside one of the videos.

To your success as always

Anita x

Benefits of using Restream to produce your Live Streams

  1. High-Quality Live Streams
  2. Ease of use
  3. Greater Audience Potential
  4. Wide Variety of Content Uses
  5. Ease and Convenience
  6. Analytics Tracking
  7. Customer Support
  8. Distraction-Free Streaming
  9. Reliable Global Delivery
  10. Customizable Live Studio
  11. Personal Branding, overlays and lower thirds
  12. Cost-Effectiveness
  13. Integrations with External Tools
  14. Pairs Option to increase your Live Streams reach and potential to be found on social
  15. Downloadable video and audio content
  16. Live stream pre-recorded video



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