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youtube coaching

YouTube Coaching

Learn how to build your brand and generate leads using YouTube as your focus. Set up a new channel or optimize and then learn how to grow your channel in your bespoke 1:1 coaching sessions.

online courses Thinkific

Video Course Creation

Learn how to build your own E-Learning Courses using video and one of the best online course platforms Thinkific. As a Thinkific partner, I can help you create and launch your online courses.

video marketing for Instagram

Social Media Video Coaching

Learn how to create short videos for your social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or even Tiktok. Break through your camera shyness and discover unique ways of creating video

digital dots, lead generation

Video Marketing Lead Generation

Connecting the digital dots together to ensure all your video efforts and online social media efforts pay off is one of the biggest, most daunting processes many entrepreneurs avoid. Work with me to create your magical lead-generating workflows.

video editing

Video Editing Training

We can work together to enhance your video creation as I show you how to trim your videos, add B-Roll and overlays, text and stickers to encourage CTA's and engagement from your audiences. Video editiors I currently use and work with people are Wave.video, Filmora or Camtasia

video marketing for Instagram

Live Streaming Coaching

Live Stream with confidence over multiple social media platforms or just the one, the biggest stumbling block is often just getting started, so why not work with me to get started and have support on your live streams. Training using Wave.video, StreamYard, Restream.io and Ecamm available.

YouTube Management & Video Editing Packages

video editing and youtube management

YouTube Management + Video Editing Packages

This is a done for you service, where I manage fully your YouTube channel, help edit your videos and optimize and upload your videos on a weekly basis. Also included in YouTube analytics, video optimization, and ongoing management of your channel whilst we work together. For more details please click the button below

Create The Business You've Been Dreaming Of


Create The Business You've Been Dreaming Of


Need inspiration to get started with Video?

Download 26+ Video content ideas to help you get started. This download includes short, pre-recorded and Live video ideas plus a series of emails to help you get started with confidence and without the tech overwhelm.

26 video ideas

Buy 30 Energetic Video Content Templates to use with

Video, picture posts and even inspiration for your blog! Each template comes with an example to learn from and is divided into 4 sections so that you can create content more easily. Also comes with Bonus how to and editing videos

30 energetic video and content templates

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Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts in 5 easy steps

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