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With just 5 easy steps, you can amplify your visibility and grow a new audience on YouTube. Start creating Shorts now and watch your content & business soar!

  • Reach a new audience on YouTube
  • Increase your video engagement
  • Boost your visibility on a new platform
  • Repurpose existing short video content
  • And No technical skills required PROMISE

"Anita really is the tech queen! She has that wonderful ability to turn any complexity into easy to understand language and is always happy to answer any questions. Her YouTube course is awesome. Finally I have got started and am excited to use this channel as a major marketing drive. She has given me the confidence and belief that I can do it and I can't thank her enough. Thoroughly recommend!"

Gill McKay

Sobriety Coach

"The one thing that I know is that you win with good people "- Don Shula I was fortunate to have Anita help me with my 'I Hate Numbers'you tube channel. If you want someone knowledgeable, personable, and easy to work with then contact Anita to see where she can help you.

Mahmood Reza

I Hate Numbers

If you are attempting to build your business by increasing visibility, video is the way to go. Did you know YouTube videos are discoverable by Google, but only when done correctly? Anita Wong is an amazing resource for getting this done. Her training is second to none in the industry, and her wonderful personality, patience, and willingness to help with every question make the experience all the more pleasurable. Turn up the volume for your business and get going with Anita's guidance. Then sit back and watch how your customer base and credibility grow ( Let alone your confidence in producing videos!)

Vanessa Saunders

Global Property Systems

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Sharing Posts on Facebook | 2023 Update

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Anita Wong

Hi, I'm Anita, UK’s Leading Female YouTube & Video Marketing Educator

I am a 51 year old ex ICU nurse, who has found another passion in my life, EMPOWERING others with the skills to build their online businesses using video. It took me a while to finally recognize what I would describe as my SUPERPOWER!  Helping others build their businesses online using video and be free from being overwhelmed by using the digital tools at their fingertips to share their passion with the world.

I'm a mother of 4, married to a surgeon, and obsessed with BMX racing, I love trying out new things and working out how to use different digital tools online and this love is something I can share with others.

If you like me, are excited to bring your passion to the world, I'd love to help you step into your space.

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